Healing Lessons from Crystal Collecting

Anyone who knows me well enough also knows that I’m into collecting rough and tumbled crystals, as well as quartz clusters. Right now, I have a really small collection of tumbled crystals, consisting of: Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, Moonstone, Sunstone (all four¬†I got from Namaste Spiritual Shop in Bali), and even a raw Labradorite (it came free with an article about minerals). I have a Pyrite pendant which I just got yesterday from The Mala Tree, a local crystal shop based in Quezon City. I have several Lapis Lazuli jewelry with me, as it was the first crystal that called to me months back. Today, I’m very much in tune with my Gold-Sheen Obsidian and Sodalite bracelets, both from different crystal sellers. I carry my Tourmaline and Pyrite on my pocket everywhere I go since I feel protected when they’re around. Essentially, I like working with tourmalines and quartz crystals because of their protective¬†and creative capabilities.

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Mindanao Deserves the Best Education Possible

As most children are going back to school in a few days, I can’t help thinking about the time I was an informal teacher…

I used to teach English and the Arts in a public market, where my students were either in public schools or not studying at all. While I knew of the status of the educational system in the Philippines needed a revamp, I could see in my students their thirst for knowledge, particularly in English and the Sciences. I know one is already in college, while the others are going are in high school. Unfortunately though I had to leave them and after a while I lost contact with most of them.

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Skin’s Best Friend (An Ode to Coconut Oil)

Over the weekend I gave away my usual bath and beauty products that cost me around PhP1,000 every month. It sounds like it’s a small price, but trust me; I don’t want, later on, to find myself at the dermatologist’s clinic and finding out my skin allergy’s gotten worse or that I’ve developed another skin condition.

My skin is sensitive, so I rarely put on makeup, and I have a moisturizing ritual every morning and evening. I try my best to eat healthy so that proper nutrients go into my body, and I pick the best stuff to smother my skin in. Well, I don’t want to deal with having to pick shampoos, conditioners and soaps *for sensitive skin,* and so I’m sticking to a few healthy, local, and natural products that make my skin glow the way it should.

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