Skin’s Best Friend (An Ode to Coconut Oil)

Over the weekend I gave away my usual bath and beauty products that cost me around PhP1,000 every month. It sounds like it’s a small price, but trust me; I don’t want, later on, to find myself at the dermatologist’s clinic and finding out my skin allergy’s gotten worse or that I’ve developed another skin condition.

My skin is sensitive, so I rarely put on makeup, and I have a moisturizing ritual every morning and evening. I try my best to eat healthy so that proper nutrients go into my body, and I pick the best stuff to smother my skin in. Well, I don’t want to deal with having to pick shampoos, conditioners and soaps *for sensitive skin,* and so I’m sticking to a few healthy, local, and natural products that make my skin glow the way it should.

I’m a simple person, and my morning rituals, which moisturize my scalp and the rest of my body, don’t take more than ten minutes. In the evening it’s longer, but only by five minutes. It’s great to have these kinds of rituals because it gives you time to take care of yourself. There’s nothing vain about taking care of your body, especially if you’re doing it the holistic way.


So what do I do every morning?

  1. I use shampoo. My shampoo is a moisturizing shampoo from Human Heart Nature. I wash my hair every three days. If I don’t shampoo, I simply apply coconut oil on my scalp after my shower.
  2. My soap is papaya-based and I’ve seen the difference when I used another kind of soap. My skin is smoother and slightly luminous. It really does look healthy. I soap every day, especially in places where it sweats up the most. Afterwards, when I’m dry, I apply coconut oil on my legs and arms.
  3. Feminine wash. I use feminine wash that’s made of guava and lemongrass extracts. It doesn’t lather up, but it does wonders. I don’t itch anymore!

In the evening…

  1. I shower for a while, and I soap elaborately, from the feet up to my neck.
  2. I wash my face with a wash from Human Heart Nature, so that as I sleep my skin is hydrates.
  3. Again, feminine wash.
  4. I dry myself up and dry brush, feet up, targeting my lymph areas (groin and armpits).
  5. I apply coconut oil and dry my hair.

coconut-648105_640A staple in my rituals is not the process, but rather, it’s coconut oil. I’m so in love with coconut oil because it’s one natural product that does everything and more. Instead of buying lotions,

I just use that to moisturize my skin.

It’s my conditioner.

It’s my shaving cream.

It’s my hair detangler.

It’s my massage oil.

woman-590490_640With turmeric, peppermint oil, and other herbs, coconut oil is my go-to insect bite reliever.

It’s my lip balm (and lip cleaner, if I add sugar).

It heals my paper cuts faster

I apply a little bit inside my nose and it doesn’t feel dry anymore.

It takes away my eye bags (rub a bit of coconut oil around your eyes at night).

Relieves me of my skin allergy.

I have yet to use it as cooking oil but I hear it’s great, too.

Coconut oil is my skin’s best friend and the results are great. So, if you want to make a switch to something healthy, go for coconut oil.