Healing Lessons from Crystal Collecting

Anyone who knows me well enough also knows that I’m into collecting rough and tumbled crystals, as well as quartz clusters. Right now, I have a really small collection of tumbled crystals, consisting of: Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, Moonstone, Sunstone (all four I got from Namaste Spiritual Shop in Bali), and even a raw Labradorite (it came free with an article about minerals). I have a Pyrite pendant which I just got yesterday from The Mala Tree, a local crystal shop based in Quezon City. I have several Lapis Lazuli jewelry with me, as it was the first crystal that called to me months back. Today, I’m very much in tune with my Gold-Sheen Obsidian and Sodalite bracelets, both from different crystal sellers. I carry my Tourmaline and Pyrite on my pocket everywhere I go since I feel protected when they’re around. Essentially, I like working with tourmalines and quartz crystals because of their protective and creative capabilities.


I want several more in my collection, since I feel they heal me in a way modern medicine cannot do. Amethyst, for example, is a stone of healing, and I instantly felt calmer just by looking at it. I gave one to my mom who needs more healing than I do. But why do they heal, and why are they sometimes more effective than some medicines (and have little to no side effects)?

My black tourmaline

Well, it’s because several minerals that are similar to crystals are found in the human body, so our bodies and the stones we come in contact me synchronize and respond to each other’s vibrations. It is like whenever I’m near my black tourmaline: it may be as big as my thumb, but ever since it called out to me one day in Bali, I have gotten away from negative energies and toxic individuals.

So now, for you skeptics out there, I know how you think and I don’t blame you. There are so many mysteries in this world that it’s sometimes impossible to comprehend. I mean, there are some capabilities of crystals that I’m hesitant to believe in, but it’s all in the process. One day, the mysteries of this universe will be revealed to us and there is nothing more to question.

Whether you believe in the healing power of crystals or not, there are practical lessons we can take from taking care of these small angels. Here are some of what I’ve learned so far.


  1. Healing comes from within. It takes a bit of external energy to turn that healing power on. It’s pretty much like my relationships in life–I have the potential to do something, and it takes a sweet nudge from my loved ones for me to realize that.
  2. Cleaning takes time, patience, and concentration. Cleansing crystals, which involves salt baths (with or without water), smudging, and bathing them in either sunlight or moonlight, is a long process which can take either hours or days, depending how much you use your crystals. Just like in everyday life, you’d want to be cleansed thoroughly to feel great both inside and out. The point is not to be compulsive in cleaning, but you should know when you need a good long bath, or at least a weekly or monthly detox from all the negativity in life.
  3. Prayer is extremely important. While I don’t follow Catholic dogma to the bone, I do believe that prayer is powerful. I have seen it manifest miracles, both in other people’s lives and in mine, too. What makes a prayer very powerful is not how you memorize it, but in how you are intent on acting on it. Prayers are reminders of our intentions to live in peace and give peace to others. Crystals, in their special way, help in remembering your intentions and keeping your sincerity in check.
  4. Giving crystals to other people is a way of giving a piece of your heart to them. This is how I learned that I am much connected to everyone around me. While I was buying tumbled crystals in Bali, I also bought for my mom and my cousin (he collects crystals and believes in crystal healing too). There is this uplifting feeling when I gave a crystal away (after salt bath, sound bath, and smudging), knowing that I have given part of my intention and my love for both my mom and cousin. This is one way to show your affection and appreciation towards your friends. Crystals are a good reminder that our spirits are gifts to others.
  5. Happiness does not come from collecting crystals. The side effect of collecting crystals is that you want more. And it’s totally understandable. The problem is that you have gone astray from your original intention and objective as to why you collect crystals. Happiness comes from genuinely connecting with each crystal that has chosen you. Your greed and pride will never go away and you will stain your crystals with your own negative energy that you, at first, wanted to rid from your life.