Meditating on Mercury Retrograde

universe-782699_640Mercury Retrograde is a very funny thing. Not “funny ha-ha” but “funny hmm that’s interesting.” The planet Mercury doesn’t exactly retrace its steps around the orbit. It’s merely an optical illusion in the night sky (if we do notice it). For me, given that this one is happening right during August and staying until the 22nd of September, it feels like an extension of Ghost Month.

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60-40 Relationship for Holistic and Conventional Practices

For the last year and six months, I’ve been in and out of therapy for my bipolar disorder. The first few months were terrible; I was a mess, and my medicines weren’t totally helping (they were, but only for so long). At the same time, I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS so that means I have to take birth control pills to have regular menses. Before I came to know various holistic health practices and other alternative health practices, I relied very much on what the doctor prescribed, and sucked up the pain and dealt with the ordeal.

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