I’m Back and I’m (Kinda) Vegan

I AM SO SORRY for being away for such a long time. There were too many things to do in real life that I barely got on the computer. They’re all good activities and I’m very thankful that they passed into my life.

pexels-photoFirst of all, I GOT A JOB! A full-time job! I’ll be a Social Media Specialist for a distribution company for travel and outdoor recreational activities. My accounts will be the company’s top 5 brands and I’ve worked with a couple of those since I started working back in 2011. A lot of my travel products are from this company even! It’s totally up my alley because I’ve been enjoying going out lately, despite the rainy weather in the country. And it’s not because of Pokemon GO.

Although I got sick for almost two weeks—I developed benign positional vertigo from playing Pokemon GO (can you believe that?) and it coincided with the seasonal flu, which I’ve haven’t gotten in YEARS. So these past few weeks—almost a month, actually—have been fruitful and exciting, yet it was balanced with quiet and rest. The universe seems to know how to work things out, right?

Meatless sandwiches are love! Photo source: pexel.com
Meatless sandwiches are love! Photo source: pexel.com

Also, throughout these two big events in my life, I became a weekday dietary vegan. And I’ve learned a lot, really. I prefer having a vegan diet because of the lifestyle it entails. Ever since childhood I’ve been against animal cruelty, abusive slaughterhouses and drinking cow’s milk. I guess, as I got older, things became “okay” and I didn’t care much about things anymore. Now that I’m more mindful of what comes into my body and what happens in the universe, I had to make a change.

I immediately took out dairy products and eggs out of my diet, but during weekends my plant-based diet is accompanied with small amounts of fish. I don’t eat chicken, beef, and pork meats anymore.

Being a weekday dietary vegan is tough. First, you start to see who will really support you, and those who think you’re just playing. I was known as someone who loved her fried chicken and sizzling pork, but when I told people that I’ve turned vegan, they either stare at me or give me awkward gestures. Others will tell me I’m missing out on a lot of good food, and frankly I think I’m missing out on giving back to my environment. I’m glad that I found a huge support group on Facebook called Manila Vegans, co-founded by my Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Nancy Siy. There I ask about places where I can eat vegan food, how to deal with meat eaters, and looking for good recipes to show to my cook. I feel totally at home with most of them—like we’re all cousins or something.

Creative cooking. Photo source: pexel.com
Creative cooking. Photo source: pexels.com

Aside from learning who’s on your side of the green fence, I get to be creative and I learn so much more about different kinds of vegetables and fruits. I even use some of these guys for my beauty routine! It was then I realized that fruits and vegetables should be part of a daily holistic routine. I threw out all my non-natural, non-organic hair and beauty products and started concocting little health potions of my own.

Animals have lives and they are not meant to be beasts of burden. Source: pexels.com
Animals have lives and they are not meant to be beasts of burden. Source: pexels.com

Then there’s also the vegan sentiment of using animals. I was in Intramuros this afternoon and I saw kalesas (horse-drawn carriages) still in use. I was bothered that these horses are still standing and awake while their drivers were sleeping. I feel disrespected for the sake of these gentle creatures.

The vegan lifestyle is strong within me, but the eating part takes more discipline. I’ll get there one day, but today, I am here, and I’m better than I was yesterday.

The whole point of being a vegan, really, is to constantly practice the values and life of compassion and forgiveness—for others and yourself, your environment, and the universe. Veganism is being like an edible plant: created to give energy to those who need it, without discrimination, and it constantly regenerates to continue giving life. Why can’t we be the same? Why can’t we all be like these humble but powerful pieces of rooted wisdom?

Ah, well, my answers will one day be answered. Today, I’m (sorta, kinda) vegan, and I’m happy. I am peace. I am joy. I am love. I am a plant. Receiver of sunshine; giver of energy.