Meditating on Mercury Retrograde

universe-782699_640Mercury Retrograde is a very funny thing. Not “funny ha-ha” but “funny hmm that’s interesting.” The planet Mercury doesn’t exactly retrace its steps around the orbit. It’s merely an optical illusion in the night sky (if we do notice it). For me, given that this one is happening right during August and staying until the 22nd of September, it feels like an extension of Ghost Month.

But it does offer a lot of time to meditate.

In this post I’m not going to tell you the do’s and don’t’s during Mercury Retrograde. A lot of astrologers have put out numerous content on the matter, and I wish not to doubt and repeat their expertise. However, some people will say the universe has gotten topsy-turvy because of Mercury Retrograde. That’s where I put my foot down. One planet cannot decide the position of the universe. Still, though, it gives me insight into what this period is all about. And I figured a lot.

I’m not an astrologist or anything, but this much I know. Mercury is the ruler of communication and clear thinking, so when Mercury is in retrograde, expect that things will go backwards. I get that. Now, it’s not like you should stop doing anything for the next three weeks—honestly that’s the retrograde working on you!—but you should let things flow. I think we shouldn’t be so preoccupied with what NOT to do, but rather with what to do. It’s time to do a lot of rechecking on things like contracts, and proofreading documents like emails, drafts, text messages and whatnot. It’s also time to restock on items such as food and certain products that will run out. Finally, it’s time to get yourself grounded. Mercury Retrograde does make a person feel aloof, spacey, or just really irrational. The universe has its way of telling you it’s time to sit yourself down in the bosom of Mother Earth.

meditation-909295_640This is the lesson of Mercury Retrograde—when everything is moving too fast, it’s time to reevaluate all your achievements and milestones (positive and negative ones) through meditation. It’s not a time to retreat, but rather just to sit down. It’s also a time to let others catch up (maybe your friends are trying to contact you, perhaps?)

As you meditate, you will move again forward, on a much more stable pace, until you can reach the pace of the other planets. This is the time to communicate well to yourself, to seek yourself within yourself… take a couple of steps back to see the whole picture before diving into it again. It is a period of introspection, a beautiful time to re-tighten your grip with the Earth and yourself.

Now, let me share to you my Mercury Retrograde meditation. This meditation for me takes around 10 minutes. You may choose to either shorten or lengthen your time.

Let your intention for the next few weeks be: “I am grounded, and at the same time I flow with the universe.” Or you can always make your own. I can only give guidelines, not rules.

If you work with crystals, use hematite stones of any size. You may use single-terminated quartz crystals to amplify the power of hematite.

Now go out there and be mindful. Let Mercury Retrograde work for you!

Namaste and may you be at peace.

Your prayer warrior,

Myta, the Lemon Water

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