Would you like a Meditation and Prayer Warrior?

Hi there, how are you?

We’re about to jump over the hump this week and Lemon Water Media is about to slightly revamp its content strategy. Lemon Water Media wants to help readers engage with themselves and engage with a higher spiritual being as well.

hand-1598626_640In this light, Lemon Water Media will be, among other things, a prayer request station on the internet for people who need a spiritual warrior beside them. Of course, the person behind this blog is a sinful person, but she believes that prayers are the Higher Being’s gentle words saying, “You are forgiven.” Even if this is cliche and everything, I believe that prayer heals both the physical and emotional states.

For now, if you would like me to add you in my prayers tonight, or have someone from your religion pray for you (or teach me how to pray in your religion!!!), or if you want me to send some peace, love, and joy your way, kindly answer the contact form at the end of this post.

meditation-909295_640I cannot post so much at the moment because I’m currently adjusting to my new work. I’m now a social media specialist for a digital advertising firm. While I like the environment and the culture, I want to focus this week to doing good at work. Come this weekend I’ll have a few stuff to write about.

For now, know that you have someone praying for you. Wherever you are, whoever you are.

Peace, Shalom, Shanti.







Don’t Lead Us On

I’ll keep this really short. It’s a shot too close to the heart, and I feel that I need to speak out about this.

For companies who have candidates with “issues” (i.e. mental or mood disorders), instead of driving them away, adapt to their needs and enhance your company policies with a mental health policy. There are so many wasted energies not being able to sustain themselves financially.

metaphor-1209691_640It is also unprofessional to have someone sign a job offer sheet and make them do all the requirements you ask them to do, only to take back the job offer they signed upon finding out they go to therapy. This is discrimination. It further belittles the person, who needs to work and exercise their mind.

Such a pity that many of us (I live with bipolar disorder) have to go through such pains, only to be neglected and to be labeled as “useless” in the workforce.

You know what companies can do, aside from adding mental health policies to their existing company policy? If and when they have a candidate who is open about their mental health, instead of leading them on and making them do unnecessary work, just tell the candidate they’re not the one you’re looking for. Don’t wait one month before telling them that… after making them do medical tests and updating their data records in all the necessary government agencies.

I apologize for the personal post. I am very tired of this scenario I hear and see about every day. You’d think the corporate world has moved forward.

My Misconceptions of Yoga

When I first started yoga last year, I felt the need to take photos of all the poses I do. When I could finally reach my toes, I sure did take a photo of that. As the weeks passed and eventually turned into months, the novelty of the practice started to fade, and I felt less and less the need to post my photos on IG. This led me to realize that yoga isn’t just about the postures, but what you really learn on the way to making one. That’s just one among three other misconceptions I had about yoga—part of the things one has to constantly unlearn.

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