Stay Present


Happy Monday, my friends and dear readers. May you always be in the present moment. Someday is not a present moment.

Speaking of present moments…

This week, I’m so happy to be returning to yoga after two weeks of absence and a few months of sporadic attendance. While practicing yoga outside the mat is integral to the teachings of our past gurus, it is always beneficial to step back into the mat and remember the very foundations of one’s practice: grounding in unconditional peace, joy, and love. I admit I have been ungrounded lately—not because of my work, but rather because I have gone astray from my duties as both daughter to my mother, and wife to my husband. I am glad now I have the strength to go back to practicing yoga, and a job to keep me on the mat (haha).

Also, October is the month that I am celebrating my first year as a student of Yoga+ Makati. It is probably synchronicity that I return to being a regular student. Divine Guidance has indeed brought me back to the core.

Anyway, I hope everyone reading this is having a good Monday so far.

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