9 Things I Loved about the First VegFest

Whoever went home from VegFest Pilipinas¬†without a food coma isn’t a vegan.

I kid. But really, vegan food, whether you’re in it for health reasons or for the sake of animals, tastes SO MUCH BETTER than meals with real meat. As I’m transitioning towards a completely vegan lifestyle, I’m starting to feel detached from meat and getting more attached to the message veganism speaks of:


Compassion is the foundation of VegFest Pilipinas.

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Yoga, a Year Later

I celebrated my first year of practicing yoga by going to the beach (and celebrating my mom’s birthday, too). The beach felt more different than a year before. Was it because I was more mindful of all the elements in the area, things I never noticed before? There was something beautiful about it.

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