Yoga, a Year Later

I celebrated my first year of practicing yoga by going to the beach (and celebrating my mom’s birthday, too). The beach felt more different than a year before. Was it because I was more mindful of all the elements in the area, things I never noticed before? There was something beautiful about it.

Me with Victor Chng, one of Asia's best Yin Yoga Teachers.
Me with Victor Chng, one of Asia’s best Yin Yoga Teachers.

The reason why I went to yoga was to get rid of the toxicity that I allowed to seep into my life. I didn’t have work, my then-boyfriend (now husband) and I were fighting a lot, and my world was so small. Today, my world revolves around the universe, my husband and I don’t fight as often anymore, and I feel very secure in my current job.

I could see I’ve changed a bit—but I can’t say the same for my waistline haha. Basically, yoga became that  It’s been a good ride lately. And I’m sure those new to yoga will have something to relate to in this list of milestones that I’ve done through yoga.

  1. I’m less afraid of going out now. How? Yoga has helped me decide what event is more meaningful and what’s better to attend.
  2. Fewer panic attacks. My panic attacks lately have been far and wide. I had one last month, but I couldn’t remember the one before that.
  3. I’ve gone vegan! Plus, I’ve regained my love for understanding environmental issues, a childhood advocacy of mine (I wanted to be a marine biologist, specializing in understanding sharks).
  4. I meditate more. From sporadic moments of peace to consistent 20-minute sessions every day.
  5. My work doesn’t feel needlessly stressful anymore. It could be I’ve matured because of yoga, or yoga balances my work life.
  6. What I want in life is more concrete than ever before. And this blog proves it.13495323_1750367265181737_1164636470811317977_n
  7. When things screw up, I cry for a while, then proceed to just love the present moment. Before taking yoga I would make a big fuss about of it. Today though I face problems and let it all pass. I choose which problems to solve and which ones to let be.
  8. Losing weight isn’t a big priority on my list now. It still is, but only because of my PCOS, and not for anything else.
  9. Sleep feels more relaxing now.
  10. I’ve filtered out the companies I choose to be in.
  11. I’ve learned to quiet my mind… or rather, I’m still learning it (but at least it’s better than before).
  12. I used to feel weird looking at my body in front of the mirror. Now I’m all “your skin allergies are screwed up but that doesn’t mean you are.”
  13. Life for me is no longer a schedule, but more of “as guided” by the universe.
  14. Money is still a big part of my life (who else will pay the bills, the rent, and the groceries), but I make it a point to give back in the best way I know how.
  15. I discovered my passion for the environment and energy healing.12741882_1705595332992264_7708304907227633348_n
  16. I’ve suddenly become everyone’s yoga studio review site, although I only go to one in Makati.
  17. Most of my friends on facebook are either vegans, yogis, or crystal geeks. Or any combination of the three.
  18. I rely so much on the kindness of strangers… and my mom.
  19. I’m the type of yogi who listens to Kundalini mantras and sleep’s to Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money.”
  20. I’m still afraid to dance, but I don’t mind moving my body that much anymore.
  21. My life is 60% alternative medicine and 40% modern medicine, but 100% “food as medicine.”
  22. I can sleep anytime, anywhere (which may be a bad thing at work, haha).
  23. I’m making plans to be initiated in Kriya Yoga after I’ve finished Autobiography of a Yogi.
  24. On that note, I want to ba a yoga teacher. Yin and Jivamukti.
  25. I pay more attention to my breath.
  26. The world has become my yoga studio. I climb on virtually anything now.14595746_1803455613206235_4882306023053280084_n
  27. I tell people to do yoga, be vegan, or both. And I’m either met with raised eyebrows or pleasant nods.
  28. Downward Facing Dog is a rest pose for me.
  29. You have to force me to eat at a fast-food place.
  30. I’ve lost my fear of acupuncture, and now my body is craving for anything that involves energy healing.
  31. I’ve become inspired by people whose faith is strong. Also, as much as I don’t want to judge, but I’ve become critical of people who say their faith is strong but get paid to weaken it.
  32. I know so well what I want, and it’s not a damn MBA (thinking between nutrition or Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness)
  33. Aside from meditating regularly, I pray more often. Not in the Catholic tradition where I was brought up in. But more in thanksgiving and asking for more strength. The universe knows what I want and she will give it to me.
  34. I’ve learned to find that sweet spot without giving too much or too little.
  35. I’m starting to laugh at my mistakes, and I get up after I fall.
  36. Being aligned isn’t all that it’s said to be.

This was supposed to be 108 milestones, but then I went down to 54, and finally to 36. It’s not because it’s lazy, but because, like in #34, I found my sweet spot. This is how yoga helped me. And now, I’m helping myself.