Top 5 Reactions of People when I Say “I’m Vegan”

We vegans have heard it before. These reactions sometimes come of insightful, and yet there are comments that are just irksome to even think of. I’ve been a vegan for only 4 months, but I’ve already had my share of “talk” from family and friends who don’t understand the movement. Here are 5 of the rather laughable comments I’ve heard when I say “I’m Vegan.”

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Moving to a new Host

Today I’ve made a decision to buy this baby a domain of its own. This is because I’ve been seeing a lot of readers lately, and maybe it’s time to move up.

So there’s going to be a lot of learning and moving data from here to there, and I’ll update you all on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting a few more articles for you guys, especially some Christmas-related meditation practices and vegan ideas.

You all have a safe week now! Cheers!