Mercury Retrograde and the Holidays

Mercury Retrograde started Monday, December 19th, and I have been badly hit.

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Here’s why:

  1. My mood swings are so bad that the words that come out of my mouth in the morning are: “I am so exhausted.”
  2. People interpret my messages in a different way. The meaning either gets lost in translation or they interpret the message completely.
  3. My phone’s glass cracked last night.
  4. We had a rat infestation in the apartment. My husband and I stayed up past midnight cleaning the place. The staff of the apartment building didn’t bother to help us without the “instruction coming from the landlady.” Some of our clothes are badly soiled that we had to throw them away. We had to get two new cabinets to replace the old one (it was about to fall anyway, so it’s a good time to get cabinets).
  5. The money in my ATM, which is my salary, got stolen last night. My husband and I were supposed to have a date together, being Christmas and all, and I wanted to get him something he really likes. Then as I was about to pay for the item, the lady at the cashier told me that I had insufficient funds. I checked my account at lunch time yesterday and I knew I had money there. I was at a loss. Hard-earned cash, stolen–just like that.
  6. I burned my fingers this morning as I was making coffee in the pantry (jojoba oil has the ability to treat burns temporarily).
  7. Because of my lost funds, my husband and I have to postpone moving into a new apartment (and endure the current one).


So, what does this mean?

For me, instead of fearing what’s going to happen next, I’m seeing it all as a message from the universe saying that I and those near me are moving way ahead of ourselves, and moving far away from our core. We all seem to have lost our attention from the real message of the season, and became distracted with the noise of doubt.

That in itself is a manifestation of the universe.

Mercury Retrograde comes at a right time: in a season where everything moves so fast, and at a time where ideas and trends move so quickly, we have to take one step back and stay still.

During this holiday season, which coincides with Mercury Retrograde, I ask myself and you, dear reader, these questions:

  • Have you, at one point this year, felt you’ve moved away from your core of being?
  • What are you going to do about that?

Let this period be of rest and reflection.

May you listen well and return to who you are.

Happy holidays.