4 Harmful “Beauty” Ingredients and the ONE Healthy Solution to Avoid Them

I was taking a shower at my mom’s house after yoga one night, and I noticed that she had a new bottle of shampoo.

It’s called “Gugo Shampoo,” and it’s rather popular here in the Philippines.

I said to myself, “Hey, I know this. People talk about this.” So while the warm water flowed down my skin, I squeezed the bottle and lathered up my hair.

After washing my hair, I decided (belatedly) to read the ingredients. To my surprise, this so-called healthy, organic product contains Sodium lauryl sulfate, a known skin and eye irritant.

I stuck with my vegan, GMO-free shampoo after that. I also made it a point to read the ingredients before buying or using them.

Aside from Sodium lauryl sulfate, what other ingredients should you watch out for?

These 4 toxic gunks.

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3 Mantras for Healing (Downloadable Wallpaper!)

Many say that life entered the human body by the help of music, but the truth is that life itself is music. —Hafiz

A little chanting goes a long way.

In the Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the faithful often utter out repetitive syllables that dispel fear and worries away from them. These mantras—words strung together and repeated to remember one’s purpose and faith—are helpful to anyone who needs to remember who they are.

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10 Affirmations for 2017

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2017, a time where many are hopeful and excited to take on new opportunities. But sometimes, we can’t get over certain habits and grudges we promised to leave in 2016. We enter the new year with some anger and groundlessness.

With constant meditation and prayer to the Spirit and the Universe, we can come back to the core of our being and let go of all the negativity that may have latched on to us at the last minute.

We also need to remind ourselves that the strength to overcome these negative vibrations through affirmations. While there are hundreds—even thousands—of affirmations out there, I’ve made 9 short ones that you can repeat to yourself today or throughout the rest of the week, or throughout the rest of the year. Keep them well in your heart, and soon enough, you will feel lighter, more free, and more yourself.

May you be well this year.

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