Full Moon Meditation HELPS! *Meditation Guide at the End*

Meditating every day or every night is a personal and important part of one’s spiritual life. It helps us find mental clarity and focus. It allows us to regain strength to stick to our intentions. It also gets us to find some calm in our lives.

This weekend we’ll be experiencing a full moon—a cosmic event that many of us are excited about. This is a great time during the month that we can all sit down (with our crystals, preferably) and meditate with all our energies and the energies of the universe.

In fact, this is the time where we honor our bodies that is in relation to the cosmos. We are all made from stardust, after all.



If this is your first time meditating on the full moon, I suggest that you get comfortable, since the video below this post is rather lengthy. You can choose to lie down on your bed or on a mat, or stay seated on a chair on with your legs crossed.

Keep your eyes closed and focused on a singular point between your eyebrows. This is called the “Yogic gaze” or drishti.

Your spine should be tall, but not too strained, or else you will experience pains along your back. This will hinder you from meditating and appreciating the full moon completely.

Your muscles and joint should not be locked, flexed, pointed, or clenched (especially the glutes). Your physical body should totally relax.

Finally, listen to your breathing. If you want, you can count your inhales and exhales until you’ve reached the relaxation level you want.

Let go of the past and future. There is only the present moment. Just you and the moon.

To guide you on your full moon meditation, here is a guide from Lilian Eden, a hypnotherapist and a meditation specialist. Don’t forget to give her some love on her website!

Hope you enjoy the full moon’s blessings.

Celestial love and light from me to you!

The Law of Attraction and Affirmations for Abundance

More than anything, many of us want to be abundant. We want to be wealthy and healthy. It’s a basic need to be secure in these two things, among others.

There’s a problem though: many people believe that what they desire is in the future. Physically and temporally, it is. But at a deeper level, what we want the most is already within us, and it’s already influencing our lives. Once we want something, we become attracted to it. And bit by bit the idea materializes itself into the present moment.

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