The Law of Attraction and Affirmations for Abundance

More than anything, many of us want to be abundant. We want to be wealthy and healthy. It’s a basic need to be secure in these two things, among others.

There’s a problem though: many people believe that what they desire is in the future. Physically and temporally, it is. But at a deeper level, what we want the most is already within us, and it’s already influencing our lives. Once we want something, we become attracted to it. And bit by bit the idea materializes itself into the present moment.

This is the basic point of the Law of Attraction: You are a magnet, attracting the energy you want.

Now, if you’re filled with negative energy—you complain a lot, you see the bad things in every situation, you are instantly bored after acquiring something—you simply won’t get what you want.

But if you’re filled with positive energy—seeing everything as a blessing from the universe, enjoying and acknowledging the synchronicity of life, and being grateful for all that is—you will attract what has always been yours to begin with.

So stop telling yourself “I’ll have what I want eventually,” or “I’ll never get what I want,” and instead say “What I want is already with me.” The more you affirm this, the more you’ll get your desired outcome.


Easier said than done, right? I know—even now I’m trying hard to stay true to the Law of Attraction. I even got myself to take a test and download an e-book from the dedicated Law of Attraction Website. I was wondering… was there something wrong with me?

There isn’t any problem with me or with anyone for that matter. In fact, there is no problem to begin with! None of us shouldn’t worry (this will attract more negative energy and will hamper our desire from materializing!).

There’s just a disconnection between us and what we want.

S0, what we need to strengthen is that line. And that line is our intention.


Intentions are a string of words that must be in the present tense.

  • I listen to my body when it is time to rest. My body is my temple, and I am taking care of it.
  • I care about the environment. My actions should and must benefit in the healing of the earth.
  • I honor my family and do my best to keep them safe, secure, and happy.

These become affirmations, or mantras, that we say to ourselves to help us get through any obstacle and bring us closer to where we want to be or to what we want to have.


It isn’t enough, though, to set an intention. Visualize your action in every action you make.

My husband and I have this goal (I won’t say what it is). Each morning, we talk about it as if we’ve already had it for some time. Throughout the day we go about our lives, and each night, before we go to bed, we drop five- and ten-peso coins into our piggy bank. Within three or four days of coin dropping, we’ve already made more than five hundred pesos. We will have what we want soon.

Visualization is an extremely powerful source of getting what you want. When every fiber of your being knows it’s there, it will manifest itself.

This is where meditation comes in.



You don’t have to do anything special. You can choose to sit or lie down. You can meditate in the morning to start fresh, or at night to formally close the day that has passed. You can have candles and music, or you can stay in silence. Whatever you’re comfortable with, please do it, as your comfort and security will help you even more come closer to what you are attracting.

Repeat, either aloud or in your head, these affirmations every day.

  1. I am doing well in my career.
  2. All opportunities come to me easily.
  3. Everything I want comes to me in the perfect time.
  4. I always have what I need.
  5. The universe and all its spirits take good care of me.
  6. My life focuses on abundance and I attract them to me.
  7. I am surrounded by positive energy.
  8. I naturally attract wealth and good health.
  9. It is my right to be abundant and prosperous.
  10. My career is the right place to be abundant.
  11. I am blessed to be surrounded by abundance.
  12. The universe provides me with positive, abundant energy.
  13. I attract positive flows of wealth easily.
  14. My income is always increasing.
  15. It is easy for me to find other streams of income.
  16. The flow of money into my life is free and strong.
  17. I constantly find myself in opportunities to grow and be abundant.
  18. I am passionate about my career and money flows from this passion.
  19. All that I desire is for my highest good.
  20. My thoughts are focused on prosperity and abundance in all that I do.

Guided meditations on abundance and prosperity are all over the internet, but I do highly recommend the meditations created by Gale Minchew, PhD on her website. You can also download the Insight Timer App on your smartphone, or visit YouTube for other kinds of meditations.

It is important to remember we need to be strong in what we want. Life will always have a play of positive and negative energies around us—that is the balance of the universe. It is up to use, however, to believe in ourselves and a higher, more positive power, to be able to get what we want. Because we can materialize, we have strong energy. And it is this energy that can attract all the good things we want for ourselves and for our loved ones.