Top 5 Reactions of People when I Say “I’m Vegan”

We vegans have heard it before. These reactions sometimes come of insightful, and yet there are comments that are just irksome to even think of. I’ve been a vegan for only 4 months, but I’ve already had my share of “talk” from family and friends who don’t understand the movement. Here are 5 of the rather laughable comments I’ve heard when I say “I’m Vegan.”

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How to be Vegan in a Non-Vegan Workplace

It’s hard being vegan in a non-vegan environment (which is basically 99% of Makati, where I’m based in). What I do for a living is not exactly vegan—it’s not cruelty-free and sustainable.

You’re probably asking me, “Hey, if you’re saying you’re vegan, but you don’t have a vegan job, why should we listen to you? You sound like a hypocrite.”

I know I sound like a hypocrite. However, I’m not the only vegan working in a non-vegan office. Looking for a vegan job around here is not that easy. Not everyone has the luxury of money and time to find or create a vegan job for themselves. But, as a vegan, I do my best to be compassionate about everyone’s needs.

Right now, what I have is the best.

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