The Lemon Water

The Lemon Water’s real nickname is Myta, and I’m a Manila-based social media manager, virtual assistant, and content writer. I gave up my agency life to work in a museum and create my own digital marketing group with some friends. If I’m not doing business, I’m writing holistic and cruelty-free posts

I created this blog in 2016 because I am very passionate about holistic health since I work with crystals and practice meditation and yoga a lot. Actually, it started out as a blog about writing, but I just wasn’t into it, but I sure love alternative medicine and cruelty-free shopping. I also attend acupuncture and pranic healing sessions whenever possible.

So I said to myself, why not write about those things? And thus Lemon Water Media was born.

In this site I’ll talk about vegan and cruelty-free products, yoga thoughts, and meditation guides. I’ll also talk about essential oils, how-to guides to make your own skincare, and other holistic activities.

Just a note: I am by no means against modern medicine–I merely want to see a balance of both health practices both here in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world. I go to the doctor when my home remedies don’t make the cut.

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